Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson

Will We Still Not Dance?
Will we ever know the truth of Michael on this side of heaven, and does it really matter once we hear the beat?
Will we still not dance? 

How many hit songs will now be released previously held back from our ears, because of shame and speculation? Does it matter once we hear the beat?

Will we still not Dance?!?!
How many reports will be rendered and how many tears will be shed? How many arguments will be exchanged over his innocence and or guilt?  How many of us really care about all of that once the music starts?


The reigning king of pop had the greatest and most highly anticipated appointment of his existence on June 25th and I hope it was all he hoped it to be. I hope when the angels heard his song of revelation and honor to God in heaven... THEY DANCED!!

We are sad because we will miss him being alive and dancing for us. We will miss the one who taught us all to dance. We all feel in some small way we know him. FOr those of us who love him for his music and his magic perhaps all the frenzy over his death will be because we realize that through his music we really did know him. We don't need more than that.

When his private world was partially exposed we found his reality too fantastic to digest and so we vilified him. ‘A mile in my shoes’ is the phrase that come s to my mind. We did not need more of him than the music and that was all he freely gave.

I once worked with a lady who grew up down the street from the Jacksons in Gary, IN and her words were quite revealing. She says Michael was too young for the spotlight and did not have proper counseling and did not have mature and constant adult supervision. He was simply not handled properly. She said he was abused in ways that make a child never want to grow up.  Children abused like this feel safest with other children who have no hidden agenda. Was he too old to spend so much time with children? I wonder why they never talked about the fact that he gave to more charities than any other person in history... it IS IN THE GUINNESS book of world records.

Other industry people have told me that several of the adults in Michael’s life truly abused him. Perhaps he had a broken place in his soul which caused this fear of adulthood and this ultimately manifested an overwhelming fear of, and fascination with death.
Perhaps his heart could not face growing up and when it was time to really lay it all down, and we all know that his body was trying to tell him the same, Michael found it too hard to face. 

His personal revelation and subsequent announcement that this would be his final concert tour must have really shocked him to the point of a determination to work harder and to shine even brighter, but we saw that it proved to be too much. Some cutting edge psychologists who study the emotions behind actual physical pain say that a heart problem stems from a fear to face life’s realities. Whether any of this be true or not and whether it makes any difference once the music starts …

The king of pop demands our respect and requires an active show of appreciation not with bows and personal praise but simply by the swaying of hips and rhythmic movement of feet! The lip service he requires are repeating his songs with a smile of joy. He is not a hard king to appreciate. 

Who can sit still when Michael sets the groove? Who can resist raising their voice when Michael starts to sing? Have we not all sang “Cause it’s the Thriller” “Say you wanna be startin something, You got to be startin something” “Because I’m Bad, I’m bad, really, really bad!”? Have we not all sang “We are the World, We are the children!” 

His is a name that is only unknown by the very young. Even the farthest reaches of the earth know the name Michael Jackson and it is because the music has a sound that speaks to the deepest part of our humanity. It touches us in a place more rudimentary than language. If music is the universal language then nobody has ever spoken it better than Michael Jackson. We have all run to the dance floors, packed arenas, and crowded around our televisions to hear and see him speak it with the greatest effect and finesse. We have allowed him to cast his spell over us, for truly it was magic, and we love magic.
So come now Sony music!!! What unreleased treasures have you hidden in your vaults for those of us who love the music beyond the legend...


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memyself said...

I agree and thank you for expressing it so well.

W.T. I don't know how else to reach you. I was wondering when you might return to Dallas? Paul and I are eloping to Banff soon and we hoped to hear your amazing voice and style and share it with our friends and family at a delayed reception. (We spoke to you briefly about that last Valentines at Tre Amici.) I don't think I can ship them all to Hawaii if that's where you are! Please contact us!