Saturday, October 11, 2008


Here is the rest of the Naples story.
The art, the weddings and so much fun.

Here is a city full of history thousands of years old with no end in sight of art, literature, sculptures, and young people having a great time.

We saw Castles with cannon holed doors. We saw Gypsies, tramps, and thieves, really we did. We even almost got robbed by a crooked street vendor selling 'Fancy watches' and 'Laptops'.

I hope you get a chance to experience the romance of Naples and even better; the food!!

Pleasant journey.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Venice Venditation of Romantic Vectitation & Vagissate Venery!

Vagissate: To caper or frolic
Vectitation: or state of being carried away
Venation: The act or art of hunting.
Venditation: The act of setting forth ostentatiously; a boastful display.
Venerable: uplifting
Venery: sport of the romantic chase

Never have I seen a city more boldly romantic, with its perfect little squares ensconced in a collection of the perfect little eateries, shops, and gelaterias. The flowers and trees are truly a second thought, because the character of the buildings, canals, and people are so captivating.

When you think of Venice, you automatically think of water canals and St. Mark’s Square at night. When you arrive in Venice, you are suddenly aware that you haven’t booked enough time in the city for the vagissation you have traveled far to experience. For the romantic soul, Venice is life to what you had almost given up as lost in our busy world. The perfumes, the food, the water, gondolas, gelato, the rich history, the ballet, the theatre, the experience is enough to satisfy the most starved romantic soul, to quench the withered and parched dry spirit of the most unsatisfied, jaded, yet hopeful spirit.

For those who need no romantic promotion; those on fire with the Venery and Vectitation of life, –what flowers, what music, what sensual excitation! All the senses find satisfaction. There is no more to say about that.

It won’t matter that your gondola ride is expensive, or that your driver may not be able to sing, it is the idea that you rode down the ancient canals where millions have come before. Kings, queens, and young lovers from times long forgotten know the truth and power of this romantic enchantment, and these canal walls still echo the muted utterances of hopeful suitors, accompanied by the sweet hushed laughter of their intended. If this is your dream then I hope that you to will participate in one of the world’s most romantic experiences. If you are thinking about the money and the expense then this is not something you want to do until you can put money in it’s proper place and realize that life is for living. So many have already come this way that it can’t be a mistake or marketing ploy, but of course Venice is not the only way experience life at it’s romantic best. I have been married 20 years and I say it ranks in the top 5 experiences, behind, ‘Yes I will marry you’, or ‘I DO’, or ‘honey you are going to be a father.’

Money can do some amazing things and since you give so much of your life to get money, then money should be spent doing things that make life wonderful and satisfying. Give to organizations that are helping to free the 27 million slaves in the world today, feed the hungry, but don’t forget to feed your relationships with each other. Find a new favorite wine, taste a new chocolate, make love under a Venetian moon.

Make sure and take an excellent camera, and or video recorder. Save your money for the fine hotels, the fine dinning, and see Venice. If that scares you, just remember, even the least of these restaurants, and less ostentatious hotels are just as much a part of this experience of a lifetime. I would also suggest, once again, that you stay for more than a week in Italy. Stay three and see northern and southern Italy. After all, if you get bored...HA!!!!, you can jump right over to Greece and her amazing islands, –talk about ancient and beautiful. See my next blog entry for Greece.

Here are a few images from the three trips I took this year.

True love and the greatest Romance!!!!

WT Greer, III

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Naples!! What an unusual experience. I can honestly say I have never gotten lost in a city until that one. Though not lost for long, I was trudging quite casually along back alleys and through residential areas because I wanted to see how the Napoli Italians truly lived. I was given no strange looks and never bothered... I suppose because I don't look too different from the people from the region, or perhaps at 6"4", I look fairly unmoved.

We all sat around a table and she brought us two carafes of homemade wine and that was the beginning of an eating experience I will never forget. The salad was made from fresh ingredients and fresh herbs grown in the window. She fed all nine of us salad, wine, chicken, fish, pasta, and deserts all homemade, all amazing, all a blessing.

I will say that the best part of the experience was the family and friends present to share the experience. I can't say enough about how wonderful these precious moments were and how unforgettable.

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I was a initially very disappointed at the 15 ft piles of garbage in the streets until I heard about the garbage strike. Then I was just glad to know the city managers were not just bad at their jobs. I saw a real communist rally... Okay nuff said about that. My son saw his first castle and I loved watching him have that experience.

Once you get out into the country side of Naples, then you see the romance of it all, but the city is a living bustling wonder that must be seen by foot. Do not be disappointed over the graffiti on the old statues, fountains, buildings and walls. It is just proof that the napoli youth are very artistic like their forefathers and that art will not be denied expression. Italy is the seat of reat art and has been so long that perhaps there are not enough statues left to carve for the number of artistic spirits running free.

Bring a good attitude and carry your money close to your heart so that theives and smooth operators don't steal from you.

DO NOT BUY LAPTOPS, VIDEO RECORDERS, CAMERAS, OR ANY ELECTRONICS ON THE STREET. you wil get back to your room and find you have just purchased a box of soap or rocks.
They are faster and smarter than you unless you just keep walking. Pleas trust me on this. I saw more than than a few people sad, robbed, and diappointed. These people do not represent the Italian spirit. They are still just people who are doing whatever they can to feed their families, though dispicable and ugly in my opinion.

Caution is very important and I would not suggest you go wandering around the back street as I have done. You may be the statistic news often covers. I as just very lucky. Safety makes for a wonderful vacation.

Monday, September 1, 2008

You Must See Japan!

The Relaxing Gardens of Japan!!!

Castle of

That's me in the
doorway bending
over so that I didn't
bump my head.
Needless to say I
did not go into
the castle. I would
not have fit in the
narrow halls and
tiny stairwells.

Here are some photos from my trip to
Hiroshima and Tokyo. The cities were
the cleanest big cities I have ever seen
and the people were extremely nice to me.

I hope that when you plan to travel that
you have a chance to see how beautiful
Japan is. There is nothing like the culture
and the food was amazing.

I have heard that my hometown was extremely
hot this summer. I can tell you, nothing beats
the shores and beaches of Japan when you are
weary of the Texas heat. Except maybe the
beaches of Hawaii, but that's another story.

The hospitality of the Japanese people made
it very easy for me even though I don't speak
any Japanese.

Disney Japan is also a very cool place.

In one way I was very blessed in that there was no reason
for me to go shopping for clothes. They have nothing in
my size in the country. I could fit three small Japanese
people in my jacket. I did not see anything in my size
anywhere over there.
No one made me feel uncomfortable when I got lost and
when I needed to find the apple store in downtown Tokyo.
The ladies from the department store pulled out the phone
directory and found the address and walked me down the
street to find what I was looking for. This is an apple
person's dream...a Three story Apple Store.
I was in Heaven.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

WOW!!!! What a Summer!!!

This is the Trevi Fountain In Rome.They say if you toss a coin backwards, over your shoulder, you are destined to return to Rome. I have been 5 times to Rome and never run out of new things to see.
Okay, where to begin? First of all let me just say that I have truly enjoyed the places and events I have have been fortunate to witness first hand, but I can truly say nothing was more wonderful than the people I have met along the way. People who have shared their wonderful stories with me after listening to mine during my performances. This has been quite a sping/summer to remember.

Earlier this year my children decided they wanted to be in show business and though I was hesitant, for many reasons, I would not be a great father if I did not allow them to find their own passion. I would support them even if they wanted to be President of the USA. I told them if they were able to land an agent then I would do whatever I could to help them. Well after demo tapes, pictures, meetings, and auditions, my children not only landed an agent but also were cast in several amazing projects. I am very proud of them. I can honestly say without going too far into it that it has been amazing seeing them on the big screen.

This summer I spent three months on tour in Europe with NCL. I can tell you right now if you have not seen Greece, Italy , or Spain, you simply must save your money and go. It is always good to be back in America, because this is my home and there is no place like the USA, but God did make a much larger world and it is an amazing experience to see the many varied cultures all tied together by one common thread. We all want to be loved and we all love music. Love in any language is easy to understand. Over the course of the next several weeks I will try and add pictures and stories from the road!
I hope this post finds you happy and excited as school starts again. Visit me often over the next few weeks as I try to write about and show you pictures of the places you must visit.