Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Chills in Summer!!

For this down home Texas boy, Hawaii is quite an experience in itself, but imagine it's cool sun and crystal clear surf in combination with an amazing evening of romantic music from extraordinary voices, and you will be imagining a combination that sent chills up and down my spine for three solid hours.
Live from the historic Hawaii Theatre in Downtown Honolulu, World Entertainment Group, offered the screaming locals and regular tourists a truly eclectic concert of sound and story telling. If you know anything about Hawaiian culture, then you know that these lovely people thrive on the power of 'talking story'; as they say in their native pigeon english. This simply means to tell the story in words that paint lasting images on the hearts and minds of the listening audience. Though I was onstage performing during the 3 hours, I was equally caught up in the moment like all other ticket purchasers. Benny Mardones of 80's fame, John Ford Coley, Joe Puerta of Ambrosia, Angelli Callo, and myself, were backed by the amazing J. Michaels band, for the evening of performances.

The highlight of the evening for me was when Benny Sang his mega hit song; "Into the Night" after which he told the story of how the song came to be written and for whom. Benny took a stance of sheer humility as the audience screamed their accolades and adoration like Michael Jackson had walked out before them. I could understand their appreciation because I now know why they call him the voice. There is nothing like singing for an audience full of people who love the message of true love. There was that moment you always hope to see as a concert goer; where the audience and the performer connect on a level that is pure emotional magic. I am fortunate to be able to tell all of you I witnessed such a moment. I saw this Rock and Roll Hall of famer, finish his last note, the band stopped, and there was that pregnant moment of profound silence. You could tell Benny was very moved by the audiences appreciation and in that moment I saw him decide to share a very candid moment with all of us. He tells us all that he has never been married after the traditional fashion; wedding gowns, cakes, receptions, and a preacher. It was the courthouse the first time. He calls his long time girlfriend up onto the stage, gets on one knee, with ring in hand and asks for her to marry him. No one seemed to breathe in anticipation of her answer. There were tears, shocked surprised gasps, and then a sigh of joy that erupted into a deafening roar as he stood and kissed her with a kiss for all time. She said yes. I have been to many concerts and I can tell you here and now, if you did not attend the "Love Rocks" concert three saturdays ago, you have missed a soul moving experience.

This down home Texas boy loves his romance under the Hawaiian moon. I love Great music with a delivery that I can feel and taste. I like the story telling this culture is known for. Wait, who am I kidding? I LOVE HAWAII PERIOD; who wouldn't? Most of all, I love my music with chills on top of a romantic summer sizzle.